Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes 2010

Letters will be sent next week after our website is officially set up. In the meantime, here is a preview of our letter.

Dear Friends and Family

2010 is a momentous year for Sáin. It’s the year she made the school play; the year she gets officially recognized as an honor roll student; and, sadly, the year that marks two diabetes landmarks.

On April 5th Sáin will mark her fifth diagnosis anniversary. Most families I know living this disease are told a cure will come within five years. We were no exception.

The second landmark is the hardest for me. This fall, about one week after her 11th birthday, Sáin will have official lived longer with diabetes than she did without it. This means more than half her young life has been spent worrying about highs, lows, carb counts, and, most recently, complications. I don’t know too many other parents who have had their 10 year old say, “Mom, I’m really scared I have kidney disease.” Luckily she does not have kidney disease yet but too many of the early signs are there to ignore.

I say it every year, this disease is not fair, but somehow it seems even less fair now. I’ve watched Sáin struggle to be “normal” while trying to maintain her health and I’ve seen this disease rob her of the childhood innocence that she is now too old to ever get back. I watched my 5 year old cry while praying for her cure and just the other day I watched that same child still crying while praying for her cure.

2010 is also the sixth year for Team Sáin. We’ve gone through a few incarnations but at the core we’ve always been the same – One family coming together for one day a year to fight for Sáin.

Please join us for Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes 2010.

Help us show Sáin she’s too important not to find a cure! We truly appreciate your support!

Thank you!