Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I give up

I give up. Now Aetna is saying CGMs are experimental and claiming they never approved them for Sain.

If Medtronic can't get this straightened out -- I quit!

I guess my life is destined to involve 12 am and 3 am BG tests! Silly me for wanting the best for my kid... I should've know this is the country where money talks and people don't matter.

I guess maybe I should just find a good lawyer and sue them the next time something goes wrong. Isn't that the American way?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Random happenings and updates

I realise it's been a bit since my last post. These last couple weeks have been busy and kind of tough. Here are some updates and happenings:

On the job front -- after only two weeks of unemployment, I am starting a new job tomorrow. I interviewed early last week and got the offer by the end of the week. I am pretty excited. Although it involves a pay cut that will make things a bit tougher than I would like, I am proud of myself getting back in the workforce so quickly in this ecomony.

Sain update -- Sain is growing up so fast. She belt tested a little over a week ago and should get her promotion within the next couple weeks. The Tuesday after testing she got pushed by a brother and sister combo in class and ended up breaking her toe. She's got one more day of complete rest and two more weeks of no running or kicking but is healing nicely.

As for diabetes, things have gotten better since she got over the virus earlier this month. It's really hard because she is learning more and more about complications. With February being heart month, Sain has studied up a lot on heart disease. It's tough hearing your 9 year old talk about complications... her biggest fear is blindness. My biggest fear is outliving my baby.

Aidan update -- Aidan is learning and growing so quickly. Kindergarten is an amazing year. He's really picking up on reading and writing. Aidan also graduated from the "L" in speech and is now working on "J"... I had to re-play the voicemail Sister Maureen (his speech therapist) left telling me about his progress over and over again because Aidan is so proud of his how well he's doing. I'm pretty proud, too!

Aidan also did a testing in karate and earned his first patch... this is a pretty big deal because he won't be able to belt test until he's 7. He's now a white belt with two stripes and one patch.

I am sure there is much more I should write about but Aidan is pestering me to do Club Penguin so that will have to be all for now. 5 year olds aren't too patient!

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Mommy, I feel stressed"

That was the response from Sain when she read this:

Dear Angie,

Kids with diabetes in Washington are in danger, and we need
your help! The Washington Senate is currently considering SB 5880, legislation that would remove ALL health protections for kids in school. We need to
oppose this bill!

SB 5880 would repeal protections put in place to help kids
with diabetes in school. It would deprive students with diabetes of
important state law protections that currently allow them to self-monitor and
manage diabetes in their classrooms, including carrying their diabetes supplies and equipment. It would turn back the clock on the progress we have made
to make sure that students with diabetes are safe at school when a school
nurse cannot be there by having trained volunteer staff available to
administer insulin to those who aren’t yet able to self-administer and to
administer life-saving glucagon in the case of a diabetes emergency. In
other words, SB 5880 jeopardizes the lives of students with diabetes.

This legislation was introduced on Thursday and had the public hearing that
afternoon, with no warning or opportunity for debate. Today, SB 5880 will
be heard in executive session in the Senate Education Committee. If you don't
act now, SB 5880, legislation that threatens the health of our children,
will be one step closer to becoming law.

Please contact the members of the Senate Education Committee and Sen. Fred
Jarrett TODAY and urge them to oppose SB 5880 and protect students with diabetes in our schools. Click on Take Action Now to send your letter.
Take Action Now!
Want to do more? Call Sen. Jarrett
(360) 786-7573 and express your opposition to SB 5880!

Thank you for being a Diabetes Advocate!

Laura KellerAdvocacy Director - Northwest/Pacific
RegionAmerican Diabetes Association

As if these kids don't have enough things to worry about now there is this. Thank you, Washington State government!

Sain has already sent emails to the senators. Part of me is extremely proud of Sain's advocacy for her own cause but another part of me is sad and protective. School is supposed to be a safe place and Senator Jarrett doesn't seem to understand that.