Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not feeling too creative

Kate stole this "quiz" from Shelley and I stole it from Kate.

Outside my window ... two birds are having a very loud conversation in my backyard.

I am thinking ... about how arbitrary life is.

I am thankful for ... my dad (and mom, too.) My kids, my cat, friends who genuinely care about me and my sanity.

From the kitchen ... the smell of the pizza I just cooked for tonight’s dinner. Sáin’s last class tonight ends at 7:00 so we won’t be home until 7:30 so dinner has to be quick and easy!

I am wearing ... jeans, a JDRF hoodie and skate shoes – I am so predictable.

I am creating ... an interesting childhood for my kids. I feel incredibly guilty about the lack of stability in their lives but they are both happy, intelligent, well behaved kids so I must be doing something right.

I am going ... to the karate school in about 45 minutes.

I am reading ... Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls Book 2, New Girl by Meg Cabot. Sáin and I have been reading the series together.

I am hoping ... for a new (good) job soon.

I am hearing ... Aidan shooting his Lego dinosaurs with his Nerf gun, Sáin playing her DS and Tennyson crunching his dry food.

Around the house ... there is too much stuff

One of my favorite things ... is Sáin’s Continuous Glucose Monitor. It is truly an amazing tool and worth all the insurance battles I fought/fight.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... regular karate class and demo team practice tonight. Karate picnic Saturday during the day and demo at the Kent International Festival in the evening with Sáin, Aidan and Sáin’s best friend, Hannah. BBQ with my niece, Amanda, and her amazing family whom I haven’t seen in 17 years on Sunday.

A picture to share ... Aidan’s friend Piper’s dad took some great pictures at Aidan’s party. In this one Aidan and his friend, Mason, are teaming up against their instructor, Chris in a wrestling match. Aidan is so happy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

8 Things

Okay, for you, Kate, I will do this:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. Aidan’s 6th birthday party tomorrow.
2. Both kids sleeping well tonight (Thank you, Benadryl!)
3. A night alone next Saturday. (If both kids really go their dad’s place, it will be the first time I’ve been alone since November!)
4. My lawn mower getting fixed
5. The “one day vacations” Sáin, Aidan and I are planning this summer
6. The 2009-10 NHL Season – I really miss my Leafs.
7. Sleeping more than 3 hours (hopefully) tonight
8. Last but not least, a cure

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Ordered a Wall-e birthday cake and reminded the baker Aidan’s name is spelled “an” not “en” (Who would’ve thought Aidan would be my kid whose name is constantly misspelled?)
2. Overspent at the gluten-free bakery in Whole Foods
3. Had a camp out in the living room.
4. Ate dinner in the car, again.
5. Led a successful meeting on a corporate wellness program
6. Took my cat outside on his leash
7. Kissed my five year old goodnight for the last time (He turned 6 today.)
8. Spent over 2 hours sitting on a hard bench at the martial arts studio.

Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Cure type 1 diabetes
2. Stay at home with my kids (while still making enough money to live on)
3. Go back to school
4. run without horrible hip pain
5. move back to Toronto
6. Sleep through the night
7. Travel through Europe with the kids all summer.
8. get Sáin’s blood sugar to stay down in the hot weather

8 Shows I Watch

1. Hockey Night in Canada
2. The Hour
3. Reaper (I know, it’s not on anymore but we did watch it religiously)
4. The Simpsons
5. iCarly (Sáin’s favorite)
6. Clone Wars (Aidan’s favorite)
7. Jeopardy
8. Torchwood