Monday, December 3, 2007

Insulin Pump

We have our first insulin pump class today! Sáin already picked out which she wants; we will be going with the Medtronic Paradigm. (Sáin will be getting the crayon "skin" to make it more personal.) The insulin pump is not perfect but it’s the best treatment available. Eventually I hope she goes on the continuous glucose monitor for even tighter control but I’ll have to see what Premera covers on that since a 4-pack of the monitors runs over $200 and they are changed every couple days. It’s hard when you have to look at the costs of keeping your kid healthy. The insulin pump we’re looking at today is actually worth more than my car but complications scare me a lot more than the prospects of going broke or working multiple jobs to keep my kids healthy and well educated.

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Bernard said...

Best of luck with the pump. It takes a little effort to get used to, but the bolus wizard alone is a huge improvement over shots.

Have you checked out yet? I know there's a group there for parents of children with Type 1. There's also a group for pump users. It's a friend bunch over there (my user name is bernfarr), and I'll bet you find out some stuff that will help.

FYI, I'm going to add your blog to the diabetes search engine. You may find that helpful if you're trying to get answers to diabetes questions.