Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy Times

I could easily write a post of excuses but I will leave my nearly 2 months since blogging at this -- life is busy!

Here are a few things that have been happening:

I got a job! In early September I got a great job at Clearwire (of Clear depending if you're in a 4G market.) I work with a great group of people and am doing more of what I like.

Sain and Aidan started school. Aidan is loving first grade and is really growing up this year. Sain started fourth grade and is also loving school. She's gotten a lot more independent and even did her own infusion set change at school!

I started karate. After months of telling the kids I would join I finally took the plunge. I've discovered it's very fun to hit and kick things -- and a great stress reliever!

Sain also turned 10 about a week ago. In some ways it's hard to believe she's that old but, in other ways, she seems much older.

Just before her birthday Sain had her labs done. For the first time her results were less than favorable. It was/is a hard reality check proving this disease, no matter how controlled, is serious. I'm not going into a lot of details -- I will do that at a later time -- but we've added some meds and will have labs again in December. Best case scenerio is these three months will take care of everything and we can move on.

More to come later...

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phonelady said...

I love it a grown up skater chick too cute and glad I found your blog .