Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Because I'm not feeling overly creative...

Outside my window...lighter than normal traffic on Willows Road. (The cool thing about my work location is that I can look across the valley and see the area where my grandparents lived. It makes me feel less alone. The uncool thing about this location is the hellish commute.)

I am thinking... that next year I need to ask for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving off so I can volunteer at Grandparents Day at St. Anthony's.

I am thankful for...insulin, my kids, my parents, Tennyson (my cat, not the poet), Fredrick Banting, Medtronic, JDRF, great teachers, friends, other bloggers who know what it's like to have a type 1 kid, Diane Kane (Sain's health room coordinator who does an AMAZING job!).

I am wearing.... jeans, skate shoes and a Maple Leafs hoodie. (how predictable!)

I am creating...a manual for my job, Christmas cards, and the early drafts of this year's Beat the Bridge letter.

I am going...slowly insane :) No, I guess I am going home then to the karate school but that's not for quite a while.

I am reading...Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood.

I am hoping...for a cure, stability, snow, peace, a Stanley Cup for my Leafs.

I am hearing...the hum of the HVAC and someone typing a few cubes away.

Around the house....Tennyson is probably having a wild party (or sleeping.)

One of my favorite things...the sound of blades on ice (a hockey person will understand.)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, karate, work, karate, Thanksgiving at my parents, sleep, then more karate.

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