Monday, November 10, 2008

If you look closely enough

Saturday was belt testing and Sain did amazingly well. Her form was great, she knew her techniques and even Master Dye complimented her (I think that meant the most to Sain.)

No one there knew the week she had but if you look closely enough there was a sign.

Sain kept both her hospital bracelets on for testing and when asked why responded, "They remind me how close I was to not being able to test and if I get to nervous they remind me how lucky I am to be here."

Next Saturday a number of kids will be awarded their new ranks. I know I am a bit bias but no kid deserves advancement quite as much as Sain.

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PancreasMom said...

YOur daughter is amazing and insightful.. matured by the diabetes, but wise beyond her years! She is deserving and will achieve all that she strives for.. what an amazingly greatful child .. I am sure you are so proud of her on so many levels.