Monday, February 9, 2009

"Mommy, I feel stressed"

That was the response from Sain when she read this:

Dear Angie,

Kids with diabetes in Washington are in danger, and we need
your help! The Washington Senate is currently considering SB 5880, legislation that would remove ALL health protections for kids in school. We need to
oppose this bill!

SB 5880 would repeal protections put in place to help kids
with diabetes in school. It would deprive students with diabetes of
important state law protections that currently allow them to self-monitor and
manage diabetes in their classrooms, including carrying their diabetes supplies and equipment. It would turn back the clock on the progress we have made
to make sure that students with diabetes are safe at school when a school
nurse cannot be there by having trained volunteer staff available to
administer insulin to those who aren’t yet able to self-administer and to
administer life-saving glucagon in the case of a diabetes emergency. In
other words, SB 5880 jeopardizes the lives of students with diabetes.

This legislation was introduced on Thursday and had the public hearing that
afternoon, with no warning or opportunity for debate. Today, SB 5880 will
be heard in executive session in the Senate Education Committee. If you don't
act now, SB 5880, legislation that threatens the health of our children,
will be one step closer to becoming law.

Please contact the members of the Senate Education Committee and Sen. Fred
Jarrett TODAY and urge them to oppose SB 5880 and protect students with diabetes in our schools. Click on Take Action Now to send your letter.
Take Action Now!
Want to do more? Call Sen. Jarrett
(360) 786-7573 and express your opposition to SB 5880!

Thank you for being a Diabetes Advocate!

Laura KellerAdvocacy Director - Northwest/Pacific
RegionAmerican Diabetes Association

As if these kids don't have enough things to worry about now there is this. Thank you, Washington State government!

Sain has already sent emails to the senators. Part of me is extremely proud of Sain's advocacy for her own cause but another part of me is sad and protective. School is supposed to be a safe place and Senator Jarrett doesn't seem to understand that.


pancreasmom said...

okay, now i feel sick and stressed! esecially since we are thinking of public schools again. The new designated district nurse who is Type 1 assured us, not a single child in her district would ever have any of these problems.. but this letter contradicts that! I am scared and confused. Thanks for sharing this.

PancreasMom said...

Okay, so the sick and stressed feeling compelled me to make some calls (p.s the number in the email is not Senator Jaretts number) However, I was passed around and each person was helpful.. the most helpful was Ssen Mcauliffe's office who is the prime sponsor of the bill. Her office assured me that since the incomming of more than 400 emails (Thanks Sain :) )which have been responded to the section 32 which pertains to diabetic kids in the school system will be removed from the bill. Interstingly, she told me that each individual school district noted which funded items should be removed from the bill and they (YES our public schools) voted this section. Which interestingly is also not a funded section (According to the senates ofice) They told me that if we find out that there is somehow a cost associated to schools for the volunteer portion of our kids taking their own medical care into their own hands.. then call her back next week and she will take more drastic actions rather than just removing the bill.

I am still shaking... Okay.. breathe and find the truth! we are smart parents... and Sain is a really smart girl! Way to stand up for the team Sain! We all appreciate it :)