Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My sweet kids (and a couple new pictures)

While I was getting Sain and Aidan ready for bed this evening we were discussing what they would do if they found a leprechaun's pot o'gold. Aidan would buy lots of lego and Sain could go on a shopping spree at Justice -- you could see the dreaming in their eyes.

As is usually the case, after I close Aidan's door and get Sain in her bed, Sain goes in one last time to give Aidan a hug. Usually I am out in the living room by this point in our night time ritual but I hadn't made it that far this today. Here is what I heard:

Aidan: "Sain, what will we really do when we find the pot o'gold?"
Sain: "I think we should buy something for mom. She never buys herself anything."
Aidan: "Let's get her Leafs tickets."
Sain: "Good idea -- we'll look for the gold tomorrow before school. I think it's by the 4th grade portables."

As much as they drive me crazy at times, I wouldn't trade Sain or Aidan for anything!
(Sain at the master Lego event a few weekends ago)
(Aidan and Grandpa at the master Lego event)
(Aidan and Xavier at the St. Patrick's Day prayer service)

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