Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Pictures (and a few words)

I realise I've been a bit lazy about posting. It's been an exhausting time between getting laid off, getting a new job, and fighting insurance battles all while trying to keep some sense of normalcy for the kids. Slowly things are starting to feel normal again (or at least as normal as life in our family gets.) Here's a bit of the last couple weeks complete with pictures:

One of the best parts of not working for a couple weeks was getting to pick the kids up from school. We often went to the park after school to play for an hour or so. The above picture shows that Sain is much like her mom and likes to read under the trees by the beach.
Another highlight of my time off was getting to take the kids to all their karate classes. The picture of Aidan is taken before class and he's holding Honey the KA mascot. More on Honey below.
Of late I've been catching glimpses of Sain out of the corner of my eye and I think it has to be someone else. She's really growing up! It's amazing to think that only a couple years ago she was the little girl in pig tails and ruby slippers learning to test her own BG. Now she's a mature pre-teen whose grasp of her disease impresses even the toughest endocrinologist.

Every weekend one of the kids in Miss Rassilyer's KA class gets to take Honey home. Aidan's weekend was in February. We took Honey to karate, to a diabetes support group meeting, to mass, to Denny's for dessert and to grandma and grandpa's house. This picture is on Friday night when we were at JoAnn's getting supplies to make Honey's gi. (You can see the gi in the picture of Honey and Aidan at karate -- if you look closesly, you can see that I even added patches like the ones on Aidan's gi. I have no idea where my kids get their perfectionism from :) )

My fight for coverage (the coverage I have an autorisation code for!) for Sain's CGM continues and, despite my last post, I will fight for them. Sain had a complete eye check with retinal pictures and endo check up last week and is doing great. I plan to keep it that way and the CGM is an important part of our life. Her A1C was 7.1 which is amazing considering she's been to the ER 3 times in 3 months with dangerously high blood sugar. (She's been sick all winter -- I swear the flu shot this year did nothing!) Besides, if Sain didn't get sensors, what would Aidan's lego men use for jet packs? (see picture above... Sain absolutely hates it when Aidan and I do this with her old sensors but what else would I do with them?)


pancreasmom said...

YOu guys seem to be doing great!

p.s Love the LEgo Jet packs.. you have just opened a whole new world of sensor recycling/art for us ;)

Meegan Burr said...

We missed you all at the team captain kickoff this year. Hope to see you at Beat the Bridge!