Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Very random happenings from the last week, or so

I've been negligent and not posted in a bit... sorry. I was having a bit of a contemplative Holy Week with too much on my mind. I think I'm back to normal now. (Have I ever really been "normal" though?)

05 April was Sáin’s 4th diagnosis anniversary. We played it pretty low key this year. To “celebrate” Sáin, Aidan and I went to Sheri’s for dessert… it seemed fitting to celebrate diabetes with sugar!

The rest of the week was pretty mellow. (There is a funny story about Aidan singing “spider pig” from the Simpson’s movie when we were supposed to be quietly walking out of church on Palm Sunday but besides that there was lots of karate, lots of school work, lots of Easter prep)

Last Saturday we attended the late night Easter vigil. Things were going along well until I heard (almost simultaneously) the distinctive CGM alarm and the four dreaded words, “Mom, I feel low.” Sure enough, Sáin was low (62) but I had planned ahead and packed 2 extra juices. We treated and thought all was clear.

About 15 minutes later I look over and Sáin is staring off into space with a glazed look on her face. I test – 54. Luckily I have the second juice. Sáin drinks and quickly looks better.

Another 10 minutes later we are to communion and I hear those dreaded words again. We test and she’s only 55. At this point I start to panic – I’ve got no more fast acting sugar with me. We somehow make it through communion (the only thing I could think at this time was how much I wish the body of Christ had a lot higher carb count) and quietly sneak out.

I awkwardly carried my 74 pound kid back to the car – conveniently parked blocks away at the request of our priest to leave parking spots for the folks who do not attend as often. I got 2 more juices in her and all seemed well.

The rest of Easter was calm. The kids made out like bandits with money from both the Easter Bunny and Grandma and Grandpa (more from Grandma and Grandpa – the Easter Bunny’s really feeling the economy!)

Yesterday Sáin was back in Urgent Care with yet another broken toe. How sad is it that both the ER at Children’s and Valley Medical Center’s Urgent Care clinic know us by name? The doctor said she probably broke it mid-week last week and that it’s healing nicely. He was concerned that she might’ve broken the foot because of all the swelling but it turned out to only be the toe.

And, probably the most important thing, HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY, DAD! (pow, pow, pow, I got you!)

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