Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time for another countdown

It seems time for another countdown although the way I formatted this I guess it's a "count-up":

1 day until the Christmas concert at school. Sain and Aidan have grown up so much in the short time I've been attending the St. Anthony's Christmas Concerts.

2 days until Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with the SMU folks but more importantly 2 days until Gloria gets to go home. If you need an example of a modern day miracle, read through this.

7 days until Aidan's kindergarten Christmas Play. This year the lead Sheppard will be my favorite role... 3 years ago Gabriel was my favorite.

14 days until we head to Vancouver for Christmas. It might be viewed as selfish by some, but I am really looking forward to Christmas alone with my kids.

46 days until the JDRF Jump Event

159 days until Beat the Bridge 2009. It's hard to believe this will be our 5th year fighting for a cure. In ways it seem like we've always lived with this disease; in other ways it feels like just yesterday Sain was diagnosed. A lot has changed in 4 years!

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