Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 and a half Beat the Bridge memories from the 2008 season

Our shirts because Sain (and everyone else with this disease) deserves a cure.

My amazing kid who can stand in front of a crowd and tell her story.

Family -- when people ask me why I send my kids to St. Anthony's the answer is easy. Besides the great academic tradition, it's community. They are Sain and Aidan's daytime family. I don't really care for Hilary but I agree, it really does take a village.

Keeping with the family theme -- the Berg, Hebert (not pictured -- sorry!) and Kane families and friends! But most importantly (to me), my dad!!

Chloe was one of the youth ambassadors this year. Sain thinks the world of Chloe and it's really comforting knowing that Sain has such a great role model.

Aidan winking. He practiced and practiced winking and finally it worked in the middle of Husky Stadium. I will always remember Aidan's first wink for this reason -- right after he winked, Aidan whispered to me, "Mommy, this is the perfect place to wink. There are lots of cute girls around."

This is my favorite picture from Beat the Bridge. Mrs. Buckmeier is a fifth grade teacher at St. Anthony's. Her patience with a hyper 4 year old boy was amazing!

The Tribble family. The support we've received from Sain's teacher and her family is awe inspiring. Having the entire Tribble clan there on race day meant so much to Sain (and me.)

Aidan sneaking a peak to see what Sain and the other youth ambassadors were doing. Sain got to help hand out awards again this year and Aidan was convinced something really cool was going on behind the sign.

Finally, the strength of my daughter. Her soccer coach once described Sain as delicate. I laughed. She is 1000 times tougher than me.

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