Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are you sure yesterday wasn't Monday?

I woke up tired - more tired than normal. It felt like Monday despite the calendar assuring me it was Tuesday so I pushed on.

Everything took too long -- traffic was bad, the kids were slow getting ready, even my computer seemed lethargic. Time passed slowly.

9:00 the Simpson's Theme rang out from my phone. I jumped -- the ringer was set entirely too loud for a quiet office. I also jumped because a Simpson's ring at 9:00 means something's wrong. Sain was 499 - ugh! I knew we were pushing it going 4 days on the same infusion set but I was hoping it would last until the evening.

I had them do a correction.

By 10:30 the numbers were down but only a little bit so I was off for an early "lunch". I swung by the house 45 minutes after I left work thanks to traffic, grabbed supplies and headed down to the school. Sain met me in the health room, we did a site change, entered in a correction bolus along with her lunch bolus and I was on my way.

By karate that evening, Sain's numbers were looking better. I was relieved.

Fast forward to 10:00 pm. I hear the distinctive beep, beep, beep of Sain's pump. LOW BG. I check -- 62, juice (the blue juice she hates but that's all that was left) and retest (84 with one up arrow.)

11:47 pm -- beep, beep, beep. Test, juice, test.
2:03 am -- beep, beep, beep. Test, juice, test.
4:12 am -- beep, beep, beep. Test, juice, test.

By 6:15 she was good and stable -- 150 with no recollection of the "beepy" night we had. (side note, it's amazing how well diabetic kids can drink in their sleep!)

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pancreasmom said...

Ugh, sounds like you (both) had a bumpy day/night... keep reminding yourself, after times like those.. It can only get better ;)

p.s does she wear her CGM all the time now?