Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Girls are mean!

As much as I love the school Sain and Aidan attend, there's a downside to private school.

PRINCESSES -- lots and lots of spoiled little princesses.

These girls have never heard the word "no", think money is all that counts and think if your family happens to be something other than the "typical" two parent family you are some sort of freak.

There are two girls in particular that bother Sain. One was more of a problem in first and second grade. She definitely fits all aspects of a princess but seems to be starting to realize Sain is not the girl she wants to mess with.

The other is more annoying and bit more of a problem. Last week she threw a ball right in Sain's face during PE. This throw was not an accident -- she was a foot away and Sain had her hand out asking for the ball. The PE teacher's response "these things happen in PE." Fortunately, the school nurse was there at the time and Sain's homeroom teacher dealt with it later as well.

This same girl also consitantly points out to Sain how "having diabetes makes you different from all of us" and how "sad it must be to have divorced parents" and how "poor you must be since you only have one parent."

This girl's mom and I don't get along (haven't since she fed my kindergarten diabetic 8 sugar cookies at a girl scout meeting -- to this day she can't understand why I was angry -- if she only knew what I wanted to say to her but didn't she would really have reason to hate me) so it would do no good to try to speak with her. I also feel like my hands are tied a bit because this family contributes quite substantially to the school.

The school is aware of the problem and Sain knows she can talk to a number of different designated adults if there's a problem and her teacher has been wonderful and dealt with everything right away.

That said, I hate to see my kid picked on. She feels different enough already -- why does a mean little girl who's had everything handed to her on a silver platter feel the need to put Sain down?

(Part of me wishes this girl would push Sain to the edge and Sain would show her just how tough a poor, single-parented diabetic girl is.)

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Jill said...

It's such a shame that kids are like that! We had a problem with a little girl that wasn't in Kacey's class but when they were all out for recess she wouldn't let Kacey play with their group (the snotty lil cheerleaders) They told her she was "too fat" to do the cheers they were doing and since she couldn't do a cartwheel then she couldn't be "in the club". I spoke to the teacher about it and there really wasn't much they could do. It's just sad kids have to be so mean though!