Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burn Out

I am tired of this disease.

I am tired of what it does to my daughter. I am tired of what it does to my son. I am tired of the extra pressure it puts on my parents. And I am tired of what it does to me.

I am tired of having to contact the school when kids are extra stupid (Sáin deals with most playground issues on her own but I step in when need be.) And I am tired of how the other parents then perceive me.

I am tired of being on the brink of financial ruin in order to keep my kid healthy and I am really tired of the US healthcare system. Who knew prevention was a 4 letter word?

I am tired of beeps, alarms, and wonky numbers. And I am tired of not being able to fix it.

I am tired of type 2s thinking they are the same as type 1s. And I am tired of parents who freak out when their kid sneezes or falls down thinking they know how I feel.

And as tired as I am of fighting for a cure, that cure is the only thing that will eliminate the other things I am tired of.

So, I will keep fighting.

Thank you to all who have donated to our team. Beat the Bridge is Sunday and it’s looking like it might be sunny!


Sherry said...

I'm right there with ya.

PancreasMom said...

I agree completely!