Friday, May 29, 2009

Beat the Bridge -- our first 5 years

2005 -- 1 month post-diagnosis and still unaware of what this
disease really meant.

2006 -- surviving kindergarten on NPH required a lot of discipline
for a 6 year old!

2007 -- first grade was still tough but the discipline was now
second nature

2008 - after a hellish 3 months on Lantus (Sain does not respond
well at all to Lantus) the pump is making life easier in second grade
2009 -- third grade with pump and CGM attached. You
would think life would be simpler now and in ways it is. But
I've learned a lot in these last five yearsand the more I learn,
the more I desperately want that illusive cure for Sain.
She doesn't deserve this -- no one does!

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