Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More than martial arts learned at ACMMA

Monday is not usually a karate day so I thought that was why Sáin was so quiet after class. My dad mentioned that Master Dye had talked to the students after class but things get hectic when the kids get home so I didn’t really get to hear what they talked about.

The evening went on and Sáin was still quiet.

Just before bed she stopped Aidan in the hallway. “Promise me you will never play the choking game – okay?” He promised but didn’t really understand what he was promising. Tears filled Sáin’s eyes and I knew it was time to talk.

We talked for a good hour about the choking game, peer pressure and how one bad decision can do a lot of damage. Aidan understood some but Sáin took it all in. Some things are tough to talk about but those tough things are the most important. Please read this story and talk to your kids!

Thank you Master Dye, Jennifer, Chris and everyone at ACMMA for keeping my kids safe in so many ways!

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