Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strange Conversations

One of the strangest things I’ve learned in the last couple years is that Sáin can hold (somewhat) coherent conversations in her sleep.

The most common thing said to me during early am checks, “Why are you doing this? I’m not diabetic at night.”

But here are a few of the more interesting conversations from the past week:

(Having just poked her finger)

Sáin: Oh good, it’s time to eat. Can I have spaghetti?

Me: No, honey, it’s the middle of the night. I just needed the check your blood sugar.

Sáin: Oh, so no spaghetti?

Me: No, sorry. I’ll be back at 3:30 to check you again.

Sáin: Can you bring some pancakes when you come back?

Me: I will see what I can do.

Sáin: You’re such a good mom.

(me trying to get Sáin’s finger for a poke – she likes to hide them)

Me: Sáin, I just need your finger for a poke

Sáin: Is it time for karate?

Me: No, it’s 1:00 and I need to check your blood sugar.

Sáin: Why can’t I go to karate?

Me: Because it’s the middle of the night.

Sáin: No it’s not, the sun is just setting earlier these days.

(Having just poked Sáin’s finger and she’s pulling it away)

Me: Hold still, I have to get the blood on the strip.

Sáin: Did my CGM alarm go off?

Me: Honey, you don’t have a CGM yet.

Sáin: Why aren’t you working on that? Did you call JDRF?

Me: Trust me, Sáin, I’m working on it.

Sáin: Have Aidan help -- he’s really charming.

Me: Good idea.

Sáin: Yep, I’m pretty smart.

(and modest, too!)


pancreasmom said...

LOL - I really enjoyed that :)

and she is right.. you are a great mom (and I am sure Aidan is charming too :)

Jonathan said...

Cutest thing ever!!!