Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Growing Up

For the last 4+ years Sain has been happy wearing her medical bracelet. I owe so much of this to N-Style ID.

When Sain was first diagnosed I searched and searched and searched for a medical bracelet that would fit Sain's style. (Sain has been choosing her own style since well before her first birthday. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who tried to dress her as a baby -- Sain's got definite opinions and is heavily influenced by one of her favorite TV shows, Fashion Files.) The day I discovered N-Style ID was a very happy day in our household.

Sain wore the Jelly Bands for 4 years. She had everything from the solids to the stars to the polka dots. They are great because of the low price and the variety. But Sain is growing up and ready for a change.

Enter the medical heart charms. It took two charms to put all the info we needed. (Having a long last name and two chronic diseases takes up a lot of letter!)

Thank you, N-Style ID for allowing my daughter's medical jewelry to grow up with her!

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Kate said...

Wow. She's looking so grown up.

And adorable, as usual. ; )