Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The somewhat evil, somewhat wonderful backyard

I have a love/hate relationship with our backyard. I love it's size (about 1/4 acre) for the kids to play in, I love that it is fenced, and I really love sitting back there looking at the stars (there are no street lights around.) But that is where the love ends.

I truly hate mowing this yard. It is huge, bumpy and slightly sloping. On the best day it is not a fun yard to mow and today was far from the best day.

My mower has been in the shop for the last month or so. During that time I kept the front yard mowed using my dad's electric mower but the backyard was neglected. The grass (truthfully, it's mostly weeds) was halfway up my thighs but I was determined to get it mowed today.
Four hours, three complete mowing jobs (on three different settings) and a very full yard waste bin later I am happy to say it's done!

The best part about the yard being mowed -- seeing the kids play out back again!
(The worst part is knowing it will need mowing again in a week!)

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