Monday, June 9, 2008


I know, great title for a post!

Yesterday, after one of her 14 finger pokes, Sain told me she was sick of bleeding. She went into a rather lengthy soliloquy that would've made Shakespeare (or at least my Shakespeare professors) proud. It was obvious she has put a lot of thought into this and her words got me thinking.

If Aidan bleeds I put a bandage on him. I complain when I get a paper cut. Other kids run right to the health room at the first sight of blood. Sain has to bleed at least 8 - 10 times a day and, worst of all, she has to make herself bleed.

Finger pokes were the first thing I learned to do in the hospital and the first thing Sain learned how to do on her own so I guess I don't give them much thought anymore. Maybe I should think more about them.

(The 14 checks yesterday were to do a lot of highs in the morning. It turned out there was blood (oddly appropriate with the post) in Sain's pump tubing. This prevented the insulin from getting to her and could've been very serious if we hadn't figure it out in time. Once I switched that out the numbers went down.)

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