Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Which is crazier...

Training an 8 and 5 year old for an 8k


Running an 8K with hip dysplasia?

The 8 year old --Sain really wants to run the 8k at Beat the Bridge next year. She feels that by running the big race she is showing her diabetes it will never win. I completely understand this mentality. What do you think motivates me to stay active even when my hips hurt so bad I can barely move?

The 5 year old -- Okay, I did a fair amount of research on running and young children. I know some people say a five year old shouldn't do distance running. I understand where they are coming from but I also understand my 5 year old. Truth be know he already runs about 8K every time he plays outside. A race would just be more focused running. I have a schedule set so as not to overwhelm his body, I have softer courses worked out to protect his legs, and the running shoes I just bought him are much closer to top of the line than I would even think of buying myself. (Running shoes are really cute in a size 13.) Besides, it's logistically impossible for me to train Sain without having Aidan along. And he REALLY wants to run the 8k, too.

My hips -- Thanks to Dr. Hubbard (and my parents who were brave enough to send their 4 year in for surgery) I have had many active years. Those active years took their toll on my hips. If you saw x-rays of them now you'd probably cringe. I think I am one of the few people outside the orthopedic community that finds those x-rays fascinating. (Even my family doctor won't have anything to do with my hips.)

Until Sain asked me to run the 8k with her, the pain kept me from doing something I love - running. So, here I am, stuck between my fear of more physical pain from running and my desire to show my kids that we really can do this.

I didn't think twice. So what if it hurts. Give me the physical pain of hip dysplasia any day over the emotional pain diabetes causes.

Today we start. I have a nice little course planned out for us... only about 1/2 mile. I know the kids will think it's too short but I want to do this right. I can live with me limping, icing and in pain but I won't hurt them!

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