Monday, June 30, 2008

Funny Anecdote

Okay, this blog needs a lighter post. As depressing and tough as fighting an insurance company for a much needed medical device is, that is not all our lives are about.

I am, for the most part, not an overly serious person. If I took my life (a life so lovingly dubbed as my “Lifetime Original Movie” by a few friends) too seriously I would probably have died a long time ago.

I find this story funny. People who are scared of flying might not find it so amusing; nonetheless, I think it’s worth passing on.

Before we went to Toronto I made sure the kids knew about turbulence. I don’t mind flying but I will be the first to admit bad turbulence creeps me out.

Our trip to Toronto was event free. No real turbulence to speak of.

On our way back we had to fly from Atlanta to Seattle. This was the day that all the tornadoes and thunderstorms decided to make an appearance in the Midwest so our flight was quite exciting. Both kids thought the turbulence was great fun.

For some unexplained reason, during the worst episode of turbulence, Aidan decided to start singing a song he and Sáin made up while in Toronto. Normally a song sung by a 5 year old would be a welcome distraction from the rough flight. The thing to note about this song was that it was inspired by the evacuation pamphlet on the plane.

People were not overly thrilled when Aidan, the boy who knows no inside voice, started singing, “People running out of the plane. People on fire running out of the plane. People sliding out of the plane. People dying dead on the plane. Etc” (Yes, he said “dying dead”.) There were more verses but I can’t remember them right now.

Needless to say I got some VERY dirty looks from my fellow passengers. People were still glaring at me even after we landed safely at SeaTac.

(I was able to get Aidan to quiet down but he still doesn’t understand why that’s not the best song to sing while on a plane.)

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