Friday, June 6, 2008

Random Friday Thoughts

I am happy this week is over. It’s gone very slowly and been way too cold and rainy.

Aidan’s birthday seemed successful. I sometimes worry he doesn’t get enough individual attention with everything I do for Sáin.

All of Sáin’s camp information and payments are sent in. She’s going to have such a great time this summer! (And Aidan is excited for a week of Mommy-Aidan time!)

Medtronic has the best customer service. By 8:30 this morning Amy, one of our reps, had all the information over to Premera for Sáin’s CGM. She let me know that my chances of getting approval are better on appeal and not to expect too much with the initial submission. Amy even gave the names and contact info for two more reps that can help through the appeals process.

Today is Aidan’s five year check up. He has to get shots and he hates going to the doctor. What a way for Dr. Molina to end his week!

We’re going to see Kung Fu Panda tonight. (This is kind of Aidan’s reward for (hopefully) behaving well at the doctor.)

Tomorrow is meeting day – an alumni meeting at St. Martin’s in the morning and a diabetes group meeting at St. Anthony’s in the afternoon.

Sunday is the spaghetti dinner at the school. This is a great event and I worked hard on the flyers, announcements and tickets.

My kid changed her own pump battery at school yesterday (with the help of Mrs. Kane.) I know this might not sound like a lot but it’s a huge step towards independence for Sáin. (Slowly but surely I am training my daughter to make me obsolete – it’s bitter sweet but I know it will serve her well in the future.)

(VERY random thought) I have been very firm that Aidan is Aidan and not A.J. but last night he said he kind of liked A.J. We’ll have to see where this one leads but he will always be “Aidan Jude” to me. (I am trying to think of it like J.D. Salinger and not like the A.J. / B.J. / D.J etc that every boy band has.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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