Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Weekend in Pictures

Saturday – aka Karate Day

Aidan’s class was uneventful. (He looks cute in his gi!)

Sáin felt fine before her class but collapsed less than a minute after this picture. She felt sick and dizzy and ran straight to the bathroom where I found her on the lying floor. It was VERY scary. I (over) adjusted for the extremely high blood sugar and checked ketones when I got her home. For the first time in a long time she had large ketones. YUCK!

After much insulin, water and rest, Sáin’s numbers were good and her ketones were gone! Best part of the whole situation (besides being well enough for camp on Sunday) was the phone call from the director of the karate school. We hadn’t even made it home yet and he called. (If you know anything about my past experiences with girl scouts and soccer you realize how much someone actually caring means to me!)

Sunday – aka Camp Day or the beginning of 4 Mommy/Aidan days

I got Sáin to camp with no problems. In the 5 minutes it took Aidan and I to get Sáin’s bags from the car, Sáin seemed to adjust quite nicely to life in Cabin 11. I got my quick hug goodbye and was pretty much told to leave.

Aidan was happy to have some quality mommy time.

Aidan and I decided to stop by St. Martin’s and explore the trails on our way home. His favorite part was the cemetery. (It is my favorite part, too.)

After entirely too much traffic for a Sunday evening, we finally made it home. Around 9:00, Aidan really started missing his big sister. We went for what had to be one of the longest walks ever and by 10:00 Aidan was snuggled up to me in my bed. He fell asleep telling me all about the super powers he would have if he was a super hero. When Aidan is a superhero he will be able to find lost keys and cell phones. I get the feeling his superpower was chosen specifically to help me.

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