Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thought this was worth sharing. Maybe if we all raise our voices someone will really listen!!

On Diabetes:
Despite the fact that Sain says thunderstorms don't scare her, her 345 blood sugar this morning (right after a rather loud storm moved through) say otherwise.

Seattle things:
Last night the Sonics officially became the OKC NBA team. I am not a huge Sonics fan but they did work well with JDRF so I will miss that. What bugs me is the new owner's smugness. Does he seriously expect us to believe he didn't intend to move them to OKC? Does he think we're that dumb?

Oh well, since the city is keeping the rights to the Sonics name, they will need a new name. After considering many options, Aidan, Sain and I agreed on the "Oklahoma City Goat Farts" -- it has a catching ring to it, doesn't it?

(I have nothing against the people of Oklahoma City -- the name is solely a reflection on the team's owner.)

Weekend ahead:
Tomorrow we are having our first annual Wii bowling tournament. This should be fun. My prediction -- either Sain or my dad will win.

We are also going to the movies tomorrow. Aidan will see WALL-E (again) with Grandma and Grandpa and Sain and I are going to see Love Guru. Why do I want to see Love Guru? Because the Leafs win the Stanley Cup (and it's filmed in TO!)

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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Kate said...

Go, Goat Farts!q