Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today is the day to raise your voice about insurance denials for CGMs. You know my feelings on the subject (see 27 June post) but there is someone this hurts way more than it hurts me – Sáin.

Below are Sáin’s thoughts on Premera denying her a continuous glucose monitor.

Sáin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on 05 April 2005. She was 5 years old. (There is a link to her diagnosis story on the right side of this page.) Last January Sáin went on the insulin pump and has enjoyed a lot tighter control. Shortly after going on the pump Sáin started researching CGMs on her own. (She doesn’t realize I was researching it, too.) I love that Sáin is a great researcher but it’s a double edged sword… it’s through her researching that she’s learned about many of the more severe complications her disease causes. In March Sáin stopped sleeping through the night for fear her numbers would drop and she would die. It was then I promised to check her blood sugar at least once (usually 2 – 3 times) a night so she could rest. I have been checking her every night since then. I am tired but that is nothing compared to what she is going through.

Q: Why do you want a continuous glucose monitor?

A: Because it will help me know what my numbers are doing. It will help me know if I am going up or down and it would let me know if I was going low (or high) at night or at school or when Aidan and I are playing. It would also help grandma and grandpa know what I am doing when I fall asleep after school sometimes. It would also make it better at Daddy’s because he never remembers to test me and he never tests me at night and I forget sometimes, too.

Q: How did you feel when we got our denial letter from Premera?

A: Mad and sad. I cried a lot and I wanted to kick them. (please note Sáin is a very non-violent child so kicking someone is very unusual for her) It makes me mad that they care more about money than me. CGMs are not experimental and they can save my life and my kidneys. I hate Premera. (another VERY unusual thing for Sáin to say – I debated about not putting it in there since it is SO out of character but I left it because it shows how badly the denial hurt her.)

Q: What would you like to say to the other people fighting for a CGM?

A: I know how you feel. We lit a candle at mass on Sunday and prayed that all the people who want CGMs will be able to get them. Keep fighting because we have to win. We're too important not to.

Q: Anything else you want to say?

A: Happy Canada Day to everyone back in Canada and all ex-pats!! Just because I live in Seattle now doesn’t mean that I am not Canadian.

(Our fight for Sáin’s CGM continues. By the end of the week I am hoping the have our appeal ready to go. I am so tired of fighting but, like Sáin said, this too important not to fight for.)


Gina said...

Sain, I know how you feel i want to kick the insurance company people too. I hope that after today they will see how important it is to all of us and you will get your CGMS never give up. we are all behind you!



Karen said...

She is wise beyond her years. I hope all of our raised voices help bring some sense to the insurance companies.

CALpumper said...

"Wise beyond her years...." doesn't even begin to cover what is at the core of Sain.

I was blown away. She is amazing, simply amazing.

I remember the sleepless nights after I was diagnosed at 6 back in the 80s. I was so sure I would run out of blood too with all of that finger sticking. Oh and the naps after school. I remember all of it, very well.

Technology in the diabetes world has come So far and to be denied something our body needs by someone who knows nothing about it? Wrong, simply wrong.

Sain, keep fighting the good fight. Thank you for the candle lighting. That was beyond sweet of you.
Thank you for You Sain. You are an amazing little soul.