Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Answers to Random Tuesday Questions

I’ve been asked a lot of questions today… here are the answers.

Are you feeling better?

Yes and No. (I know I should elaborate but I’m not going to)

How was your birthday?

Fine. As most people know, I don’t celebrate my birthday. It has nothing to do with age (I haven’t liked celebrating my birthday since early childhood) and nothing to do with religion. I just don’t celebrate it. Bad things tend happen on my birthday and this year was no exception. (I should also elaborate on that but I’m not going to.)

How did Sáin’s CGM start go?

GREAT! I love the device and so does Sáin. I find it less overwhelming than the pump start and I love all the data. Sáin was even interpreting her own data last night – she’s so independent for 9! I’m sure there will be days I hate the CGM but as of now I love it!

How is Gloria doing?
Amazingly well! It’s odd to think that a couple months ago it didn’t look like she would live and now she is smiling, communicating some and was even found standing by her bed in the middle of the night by her nurse! By no means is she recovered or out of the woods but she is healing so much better than anyone could’ve guessed. I only met Gloria in person once but heard a lot about her from Sáin. In that one meeting I could tell that she was a feisty kid – that trait is serving her very well right now!

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Kate said...

I wish I could wave my magic wand and make things better. I am sending many, many happy thoughts your way and lots of love and prayers.

It's great news about Gloria. YAY! Miracles do happen.