Friday, October 24, 2008

I don't blog about politics but...

when you have a child whose life depends on medical coverage you can't help but have opinions.

(no candidate will be mentioned in this rant. Who you vote for is your own business just as who I vote for is mine. I don't vote party line on anything; I vote my heart and my conscience.)

There has been a lot flying around of late about the changes both presidential candidates want to make to America's health care.

Back when all I needed was routine care and long before diabetes entered our world, I thought the US had good health care. I thought if you got sick your insurance would cover what you needed.

I was wrong.

Insurance is a business and businesses exist to make money.

To all the people who think it's not their concern if someone has pre-existing conditions or if their premiums are slightly higher to cover the sickest "fellow Americans" here is what I wish for you (it might be mean and I know some people won't agree but deep down in a very honest and possibly angry place, this is my wish for you):
  • May you suffer the sleepless nights I do worrying about your child's health.
  • May you be told your child is 12 hours from death and will require constant medical care to survive.
  • May you have to choose between food and insulin (both of which your child needs to live)
  • May you have your 9 year old tell you they "will save you a spot in heaven since I will probably get there before you"
  • May you fear loss of heath insurance more than loss of income.
  • And may you be told a $5000 tax break is more important to people than your child's life.
I know Canada's not perfect but not a day goes by that I don't thank God my kids are Canadian.

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