Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween (and Christmas thoughts)

I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.

I love the spooky houses, costumes and trick or treating but I don’t love the way Sáin is treated on this holiday.

The first Halloween after diagnosis I did something that I am very thankful for… I let Sáin pretend she wasn’t diabetic. That year she had a fair amount of treats – I corrected the high BG that followed. The second year she had a little candy – I corrected that high, too. Last year she barely touched her candy (we still have most of it sitting in a bowl on a shelf.) This year we are going to a haunted castle and Sáin is well aware she can have whatever she wants while we’re there (as long as she boluses.) The less of a big deal I make about this dreaded day, the less candy she eats.

Here is what I don’t love about this day. I know I will come home today to the tears of frustration that follow school parties and the dreaded “Sáin can’t have sugar” or “Here’s a different treat for you because you aren’t like the other kids in your class.”

Despite 3+ years of educating both the kids and their parents, some people still don’t get how hurtful ignorance is. The sad thing – it’s always the same two girls that hurt Sáin. I’m beginning to think they are just mean girls and diabetes is an easy thing for them to pick on.

I know it’s only Halloween but I can’t stop thinking about Christmas.

My gift to the kids this year is a trip to Vancouver. We will be taking the train up on Christmas Eve, spending 2 nights at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, and then taking the train home on Boxing Day evening.

(I’ve already email a temporary change of address to Santa so all the toys should arrive safely in our hotel room for Christmas morning.)

This will be the first Christmas the kids and I have spent without any other family around but I think it is exactly what we need.


PancreasMom said...

great post, you are so intuitive and intune.. I love reading your thoughts you choose to share.

p.s we spend every christmas in vancouver but with family.. which for the way our son is unknowingly treated (different) I wish we could 'get away' and do our own thing.. so good for you! I know that Sain is a tough little girl, and she gets it from you!

Rhonda said...

Since Kaleb was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes right before Halloween last year (at the age of 10) we already had many Halloween's under our belt. We did everything like we always did before (except I carried his supplies in his bag around my neck and said I was going as him) and Kaleb collected a huge bag of candy. He ate what he wanted to - which wasn't a whole lot - and went to bed with a blood sugar of 126. I would have to say it turned out perfect.