Friday, March 21, 2008

Countdowns and Soundtracks (an unusual combo)

Spring is a crazy time of year. I keep lists, calendars, post it note reminders and strangely cryptic notes written on my hands to keep it all straight. I though it might be fun to do a countdown… it’s amazing how quickly 2008 is flying!

  • 7 days until the Sonics game where Sáin gets to be a JDRF Youth Ambassador and meet Adam Morrison
  • 8 days until the Capital Food and Wine Festival
  • 13 days until Amanda’s 18th birthday (this makes me feel old!)
  • 24 days until my dad’s birthday
  • 44 days until Sáin’s first communion
  • 50 days until the St. Martin’s Graduation (Yes, I graduated MANY years ago but this will be the first one I’ve been back too so I had to include it on my list.)
  • 58 days until Beat the Bridge
  • 59 days until we’re back in Toronto!!
  • 76 days until Aidan turns 5
  • 79 days until the Spaghetti Dinner
  • 84 days until I officially have a 3rd grader and a kindergartener

Okay, on to soundtracks. We are in the process of making a video for our Beat the Bridge team. Sáin was very specific about certain requirement. It had to be an upbeat song. (She did not want a depressing song.) One of the pictures had to be of her Godparents, Kate and John. And she didn’t want me to pick the song – her exact words were, “no Green Day, no Fratelli’s, no Social Distortion, nothing you would hear at a skate park.”

She chose “Kids of the Future” by the Jonas Brothers. It works very well into a diabetes video and, heck, Nick Jonas is diabetic which works even better. We’re almost done and I can’t wait to share it!

But doing the video made me think. What is my theme song? After much consideration I have to go with “When the Angels Sing” by Social Distortion. This song seems to sum me up pretty well and reflects a lot of my views on life. Who says Punk and Religion can’t mix?

(Besides, Mike Ness (the lead singer) could possibly be the reason I’m attracted to the bad boy – or it might just be genetic, right mom? :) )

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