Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I made two mistakes this morning. The first was looking at my Google Calendar and the second was taking the “life stress test” online. I know my life is crazy. I joke about having experienced 9 of the top 10 stressors in the last 2 years. But really, I don’t feel stressed. I rarely lash out at people that don’t deserve it, I have very few bad habits, I exercise, and I eat fairly well. I don’t truly feel like I should be the poster child for stress. My results from the Life Stress Test tell me otherwise:

• 0-149 Low susceptibility to stress-related illness

• 150-299 Medium susceptibility to stress-related illness.

• 300 and over High susceptibility to stress-related illness

I scored 710

Truthfully that number doesn’t bother me and neither does my Google calendar (which is synched to my phone which, as everyone knows, runs my life. I would actually be way more stressed without my Google calendar & phone combo.) What actually stresses me out is this: If I’m happy and non-stressed at 710 what would happen to me if I dropped below 300 or, God forbid, below 150? Would I die of boredom? Would I become one of those people who create drama and stress because that’s all they know?

(Some of my more recent posts may not appear so happy. Really, I am a happy person I just tend to expect too much of others and get disappointed too easily. I realize this but I’m not lowering my bar anytime soon. If they only knew how much more I expect of myself!! As for the picture – 2074 (the door next to Gabby’s) is where we used to live.)

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