Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What do you do?

What do you do when someone hurts your child? I’ve learned over the years how to help Sáin cope with other kids being hurtful but I don’t know how to deal with adults hurting my child. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t on purpose – adults should know better. We’re supposed to think before we speak and not ask a child who tells you upfront that her parents are not together “why did your dad marry your mom?” That is STUPID!

Sáin was so hurt and so confused as to why an adult would ask this. I don’t care if they are trying to be cute and make a fun little book that other parents will cherish for years – YOU HURT MY KID! Cute at the expense of my child’s well being is not cute even if it was done with no ill intent. And let me tell you, it’s not a cute question. It’s a loaded question and kids, even at 8 years old, realize that.

Sáin went to bed last night begging me to move back to Canada. I know Canada’s not perfect but she was right when, through her 8 year old tears, she was telling me how thoughtless and selfish American society has become. (Most Americans will tell you there is little difference between the two cultures – I would tell them to live both places, then we’ll talk.) I just wish I knew what to do!

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