Friday, May 30, 2008

Wish me luck!

I just sent off the letter of medical necessity for Sain's continuous glucose monitor. I am bracing myself for rejection and a lengthy appeals process but my little girl really needs this. She is afraid to sleep because she fears she will go low and die. No kid should have to live with that when there is a proven solution. (Our current solution is me getting up 3 times a night to test her.)

I am trying to remain optimistic about our chances of getting this covered but was a bit discouraged when I found out Children's has never gotten one covered. It's sad how disillusioned I've become regarding medical insurance. I used think our country had great insurance -- that changed once I actually needed it. God forbid your child needs medical care beyond their yearly check up.

How would I explain to Sain that the insurance company won't cover it and that I can't afford it? So many times since diagnosis I have bought a lottery ticket not thinking of all the exciting things I could buy myself if I won but dreaming about how much better it would be not having to care how expensive this disease is.