Thursday, May 29, 2008

I should've been a math major!

Because Sáin was diagnosed before she entered grade school, I have never made a school lunch (or school snack) without figuring carb counts on it. This fact really hit me this morning. Everything I pack is counted. Even the jam for her sandwich is weighed so I can figure it correctly.

I’m probably a little obsessive about getting Sáin’s daytime carb counts correct but it seems to be paying off with good blood sugar numbers. The funny thing is if you give me four random numbers and ask me to add them up I might not be able to -- tell me they're carb counts and I will be able to give you the total as quickly as any calculator.

Sáin and I often talk about the things we will most enjoy once they find a cure. I think making a school lunch without figuring the carbs out will be nice. (although I will probably still count the carbs in my head)

Side note on carb counting – last night Sáin had her student led yearend conference. I noticed she is doing very well in math. When I pointed this out to her, Sáin responded, “What do you expect from a kid whose life is one big story problem?”

(picture is of Sáin and Aidan riding a camel at the Toronto Zoo.)


Jonathan said...

I want to ride a camel!!! I love the “What do you expect from a kid whose life is one big story problem?”

Kate said...

Being a math major wouldn't have been very fun, now would it? We had waaaaaay more fun as English majors.