Sunday, May 18, 2008

My computer doesn't like me!

I have been trying all afternoon/evening to get this email out... it's not working too well! Since time is getting short and we have to be up at 3:00 tomorrow morning I think I need to shut things down. Rather than try outlook one more time, I will use my trusty blog.
(Sain would NEVER forgive me if her wonderful godparents didn't get this message -- so Kate and John, I hope you enjoy!!)
This is for all the wonderful people who support us, ran with us, prayed for us, etc. as we journeyed through the Beat the Bridge 2008 season:

Thank you.

Thank you to all who donated to our team. Your donations are getting us so much closer to a cure and every year you amaze me with your generosity.

Thank you to all who ran, walked and/or crawled for the St. Anthony School Team. Being there and showing your support means more than you can know. (Especially you, Dad!!)

Thank you to Sister Linda and Father Gary for the support of the school and the parish. Although I’m still a little uncomfortable thinking that my blog address was given to all school and parish families, getting random donations and kind notes from people whom I’ve never even met makes it all worthwhile.

A special thank you to Bonnie, Sarah and all the JDRF people. You guys were there for me when I was less than one week into this disease, you’ve been there to see my daughter grow into a great public speaker, and I can’t wait to share in the glory of a cure with you all!

Words never say quite enough so I thought we’d try something a little different… this
video is for you guys. Enjoy!

(To all at RFN – since Chris won’t trust us with YouTube, I’ve left a couple copies on CDs with Dede.)

We are off to Toronto now for a much needed vacation. Have a wonderful week!!


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Kate said...

Safe journeys, my friends. Love to you all.