Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wisdom from a little brother

Last night was Sáin’s first communion rehearsal. I can’t put into words how excited she is for Sunday. The rehearsal went well. We now know where our seats are (front row), we know about pictures on Saturday, and Sáin learned the ins and outs of how to receive communion. (I love that they had the kids practice with real wine so they wouldn’t be so shocked when they tasted it for the first time. I should’ve had my camera with me to capture Sáin’s expression when she tasted it.)

We had dessert before the rehearsal which is a good idea in theory but nothing is tougher to carb count than other people’s homemade desserts. I could go on and on about how I completely underestimated the carbs in the brownie Sáin ate and she went up over 400 (seriously, I thought I over bolused Sáin and we were going to have a low) but I found something else about the night way more amusing.

I guess I never paid a great deal of attention to how knowledgeable Aidan is when it comes to diabetes but here are two examples of things I would love to have been able to say to people but things only a 4 ½ year old can get away with:

  • When one mother was telling me that her child’s blood sugar was high from all the desserts Aidan responded to her, “We have an extra meter in the car. Would you like us to test her for you? If her blood sugar is high too long she could get ketones.”
  • When two mothers were talking about how this sugar was going to be in their kids all night Aidan responded with, “No, I don’t think so. If the sugar was going to be there a long time my mom would’ve given Sáin a dual wave bolus but she did a normal one. All the sugar was quick acting and they should be fine soon.”

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