Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy, Crazy, Stress-filled, Somewhat Manic Wednesday Things

My life is busy. It’s always busy. I kind of like it that way. That said, I will be happy when this week is over. It’s not that this week is more busy than all the others it’s just that this week is when everything (okay, for the literal people, not everything but a lot of things) happens.

Tonight I have to make our shirts for Beat the Bridge. This wouldn’t be too tough except Tennyson, my cat, seems to find a way to “help” every year. If you look closely at our shirts, every year there are black cat hairs underneath the transfers.

Thursday and Friday are designated packing days. That should be fun. Aidan decided last night that he doesn’t want to pack clothes… he wants to pack only Lego (and Dogdog.) Sáin would pack her entire wardrobe if I let her. She was even contemplating packing her school uniform. “If I miss my school friends I can wear the uniform to remind myself of them.” (These days also need to be used for cleaning our house – I REALLY don’t want to come home from vacation to my house in the state of chaos if is currently in!)

We go to the KZ Plumbing Beat the Bridge Auction on Saturday. The owner’s son, Zach, was diagnosed the same day and at the same hospital as Sáin. There’s an unspoken bond and understanding when you go through a life changing event with someone.

Beat the Bridge is Sunday. I love this event. Not only is it the best 8k on the west coast (something I really enjoyed prior to my hips betraying me) but it’s a huge fundraiser for JDRF. I picked up our team numbers and shirts yesterday. They are being delivered today – mostly via kid-mail at the school. (I hope the office staff doesn’t hate me after Sáin brings in bags of packages to be delivered!) Our team has nearly 40 members now and has raised over $4,000!!

Sunday afternoon is for last minute trip details. God knows there will be some (many) of these!

Monday at 4 am we will be at SeaTac airport (thanks to my wonderful dad who is willing to pick us up and drive us to the airport SO early.) At 6:10 we will be on our way to Toronto (via Salt Lake City.) This is Sáin and Aidan’s first real vacation. It will be so nice to just get away and show them the city I love.

Have a great Wednesday!

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