Monday, May 26, 2008

Vacations are TOO short

So, we are back from Toronto.

The vacation was great. Part of me was hoping Toronto wouldn't feel so much like home any more but this was not the case. From the moment we landed until the moment we took off again, Toronto felt way more like home than Seattle ever has.

Traveling with diabetes proved interesting. Security was a breeze. I heard so many horror stories that I expected the worst. I found the security people friendly and helpful. Only once did anyone even question Sain's pump and once I told them it was an insulin pump and not an MP3 player they were perfectly happy.

(It probably doesn't hurt to be traveling with Aidan -- the boy who can charm darn near anyone!)

Here's where it gets more interesting. Sain's blood sugars are greatly influenced by her mood. This isn't unheard of in diabetics but even Sain's doctors have noticed just how tied into her moods Sain's blood sugar readings are. I joke that if you want to know how Sain's day was just check her meter, don't ask her.

If she's excited, Sain goes high. Once she calms back down, she goes back to normal. The problem is when you correct the excitement high. A few times I thought she was high from food and corrected. This led to a couple of dangerous lows. By the end of the trip I eliminated all corrective boluses and kept Sain's blood sugar sufficiently high that I am hoping her endo is not reading this!

(Sain is back in range now.)

I would love to say we are happy to be home but that would be a lie. Sain cried when we left Toronto; Aidan wanted to come back, grab Grandpa and Tennyson, then go back to Toronto; and me, well, I just wish I could live somewhere that actually felt like home.

(I couldn't stop laughing when I found out our plane was leaving from gate A1c.)

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