Thursday, April 17, 2008

Diabetes induced OCD?

I’ve never been a very OCD person. You could argue that I’m a bit obsessive about hockey but nothing truly OCD about me. I think diabetes has changed that.

The other night I caught myself obsessively organizing Sáin’s reservoirs. I must’ve spent a good 10 minutes arranging them in the butter compartment of our refrigerator.

Finally I stopped myself (even though I am still a bit bothered by the fact that the far left reservoir has slightly more insulin and the second to the right is slightly askew.)

Thinking this was an isolated incident I went back to the living room and noticed the needles and plungers from the reservoirs obsessively arranged on the reservoir box.

A psychiatrist would have a field day with this behavior. (Yes, I realize this is me trying to control the disease that is nearly impossible to control in an 8 year old kid. I get that.)

Tennyson knocked the reservoir box over and with one slam of the refrigerator door the reservoirs were out of alignment and thus my OCD episode was over.

I am glad I took pictures – they are funky reminders of what this disease can do to a person even if they don’t have the disease.

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