Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My sarcastic love-fest

I love insurance companies. I love that they know better than I do what is best for my kid. I love that they know more than my kid’s doctors and more than medical experts. I love it when they tell me their bottom line is more important than my daughter’s life. (Okay, the exact words were “we’re responsible to our shareholders not our policyholders” so I took it that meant their bottom line is more important than Sáin.) And since I’m on the subject, I also love the FDA. It makes so much sense to push through drugs that will make the drug companies rich (who cares if it kills the patients) but to drag your feet on research backing CGMs that could, God forbid, save my child’s life and prevent serious complications!

Okay – this one is serious. I do love Medtronic and I do love Children’s Hospital in Seattle. The fact that they are willing to fight for my kid (and sent along the “shareholders” quote to their legal department) gives me hope.

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