Friday, August 22, 2008

Another fun night ahead

So, it's 11 pm and I can already tell you it's looking to be another fun night.

6:30 Dinner blood sugar reading -- 338
Correction bolus plus dinner bolus usually takes care of it

8:00 Infusion set change / new insulin reservoir

9:00 Bedtime blood sugar reading -- 340
correction bolus

10:00 Check to make sure blood sugar's going down -- 378
new infusion set and correction bolus

10:35 Check to make sure blood sugar's going down -- 448 (lots of eights tonight)
new infusion set and new reservior and another correction bolus

NO KETONES -- thank God for small miracles

10:48 Check to see if blood sugar's going down -- 440

In 10 minutes I will check again. Why do I get the feeling this is going to be "one of those nights?"

1 comment:

PancreasMom said...

Wow, you were right, perhaps it was the barometric pressure change with the new seasons weather rolling in... who knows, no explanations - eber.. or rarely.

Power on Mama Pancreas.. you are doing an amazing job...

This instances define the moment not the life!!

(side note: always so easy to be calm and positive on a good day... lol)