Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This disease is full of lessons. Some of these lessons discourage me; others give me strength.

If someone were to ask me what I’ve learned since Sáin’s diagnosis I could easily ramble on about the medical, the research or the legal lessons I’ve learned as a result of diabetes. But those aren’t the biggest.

I’ve learned that paying attention to School House Rock as a child helps when, as an adult, you discuss with a senator how a bill becomes a law. (more on that in future postings – if you don’t like the laws then change them, right?)

I’ve learned that knowing ABC News and Good Morning America care about your CGM battle is an amazing feeling. (more on this, too, in future postings)

But here is what diabetes has really taught me – the definition of community.

When Sáin was diagnosed we became a part of the Children’s community. They rallied around us and are still there for us every day.

2 days after diagnosis we became a part of the JDRF community. They gave us so much information, support and hope. I will never forget Chrissy looking me square in the eyes and telling me, “It really will be okay. Trust me.”

4 months after diagnosis we became a part of the St. Anthony School community. I am currently witnessing the power of this community. Watching this community come together to support Gloria and her family is awe inspiring. In less than 18 hours nearly 50 virtual candles have been lit. I’ve heard a number of times that one candle only shines a small light but a group of candles can light the world.

As an outsider most of my life, I used to view community as a necessary evil but I’m slowly learning that it’s the darkness and “evils” in life that make community even more important.

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