Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is full of disappointments

Message to those who say my diabetic child doesn't need a CGM:

Your day ends when you go home. You don't have to think about this disease 24/7. How nice it must be for you to not worry your child might have a seizure or die in the middle of the night. How nice it must be for your child not to worry about these things.

The reason Sain doesn't have seizures is two-fold
1. I check her MANY MANY MANY times a night -- last night it was at 9, 11, 1, 4 and 6 am. Were you up at those times, too?
2. I run her numbers higher at night so I can get A LITTLE sleep.
(Hmmm, maybe that's why her A1C is a little higher -- did you think of that?)

To say she does not need one after telling me she's a great candidate for one and that it would greatly improve her stability and prevent long term complications is absurd.

I have never been as angry, sad, disappointed as I am right now.

(Interestingly enough, this post is NOT directed at the insurance companies. No, this wound cuts much deeper.)

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PancreasMom said...

I totally feel for you and with you... even with the 'great' coverage we have, they have not yet 'decided' to cover it.. we had to take out a loan to get our DS into private school when public schools were not interested in helping take a role in our sons care and health, so we tacked it onto that, and are waiting to be repaid for it.... calling, writing, and waiting - like you.... this is wrong! If it would help, you can use our son as an example... getting a CGM does not mean you get to sleep through the night, but yet you get woken by a cue for survival... his A1c's dropped from the high 8's down to middle 6's which for a young kid is great... We are still as proactive as always, and i don't think that stops, but we will be the ones who save insurance companies money for health problems later... if they help us now. We are the ones who do not want to see our little ones have multiple hospital trips a year, and tons of side effects,,, we want a balanced life with healthy outcomes!

I belive 'they' will come around,,, i never give up hope or faith in somethings and this is one... they have to come around... everyone always does... don't they???