Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Tuesday Stuff

Our CGM fight continues. Hopefully I will have some exciting news on that front soon. It’s a tough battle because the insurance companies don’t want to cover this technology even though it would save them money in the long run. It’s a bit discouraging but I will continue to fight it.

Gloria continues to be in a coma. There seems to be more talk of long term care and less of a full recover which is hard to hear. We still pray for a miracle and every night Sáin and Aidan light a candle for Gloria.

Sáin seems to understand now that this is a very rare complication and that the reason I test her so much and fight so hard for things like a CGM is to prevent these complications. That said there have been a number of nights in the last week spend comforting and reassuring Sáin. Night time seems to be toughest.

School!! I can’t believe it’s back to school time. Aidan is so excited about kindergarten. We have his orientation on the 27th and are trying to schedule the pre-first day of school medical meeting with Sáin’s teacher for that same day.

School supplies are all bought, uniforms are clean, and all I have left to do is emergency kits. (Emergency kits are a bit trickier with a diabetic kid.)

Sáin’s new love – Karate! Sáin and Aidan are taking karate this summer. Sáin loves it! (Aidan likes it, too, but love is almost an understatement when describing how Sáin feels about it.)

I was able to get the kids enrolled in the karate school (we had been doing in through the parks department) and budgeted in an unlimited membership for Sáin. Now Sáin will be taking classes 3+ times a week. She takes her first Tuesday class tonight and is very excited.

Aidan will continue with once a week classes for now. I don’t want to overwhelm his schedule. He already knows the house rules that academics comes first so I want to get him used to kindergarten before introducing other weekday activities. I am amazed how academic kindergarten has become – no more play time like I had!

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