Thursday, August 28, 2008

Work - my home away from home (sadly)

A coworker told me today that you can tell everything you need to know about a person by the items on their desk.

What does mine says about me?

Left to right:

  • Pictures from Sáin’s first day of kindergarten and from the 1st grade Christmas concert.
  • Referral cards to my wonderful dentist.
  • A stand made out of benefits cards that had been propping up Marvin the Martian.(Marvin is now living safely on Deb’s cube wall.)
  • A leaf (there are actually three leaves on this shelf.)
  • Super Deflectos – The superhero cows Julie and I came up with to deflect negativity at work.
  • My Maple Leafs Easter egg standing on a turtle from Willows Road
  • A lucky leprechaun (on the wall next to the Super Deflectos)
  • Devil ducks walking across a wrench (also found on Willows Road) to another turtle. (notice the baby duck is the leader since youngest children make the best leaders!)
  • A garden gnome
  • A lucky clover from Ireland.

(This stuff is actually from a shelf above my desk. Since I work with confidential information I can’t take a picture of my actual desk. Plus my desk is very, very messy right now and no one needs to see that!)

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